Pipe Spacers

We are specialised in pipes spacers up to the Standard Quality

Viroluz Separadores y Soportes Homologados para Tubo

Pipe Spacers Multi® Series can be installed both vertically and horizontally and do not require any tools for assembly. It is a very versatile support, because you can add as many modules as needed, in multiples of 4 or 2 depending on the Separator model.

The pipe spacer  ( supports and separator for tubes )  has the task of aligning and distancing the underground pipes in a trench in order to leave enough space for the entry of concrete and gets a rigid structure.

Thanks to the system (patented) anchor each other, the separators are stacked in bundles secured with cable ties. The pallets are shrink-wrapped packages with transparent film, so that they can be stored outside, without suffering any damage to the pipe spacer.

pipe spacer system approved and patented